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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does the training look like?

The leadership training program will be delivered fully online by a third-party provider, Generation Thrive.

The program will run for 12 weeks, between April and September. The training involves a mix of self-paced learning activities and live individual coaching sessions and group workshops.


What happens after the training?

You will graduate as a DiaBuddies Youth Leader. You will be given the opportunity to attend a DiaBuddies Day in 2024. DiaBuddies Days are fun events for children and families living with type 1 diabetes. You will have the opportunity to have a role in the day e.g. as a speaker and/or mentor for the children and families in attendance.

You will receive travel reimbursement for yourself and a family member, a goodie bag, ambassador certificate, and T-shirt.

Following the scholarship period, DiaBuddies Youth Leaders may have opportunities to continue their journey and remain engaged through Diabetes Australia’s Community Voices Program, including the prospect of becoming part of Diabetes Australia’s Ambassador Program. Opportunities through the Community Voices Program may include further training, sharing their stories, contributing to content and publications, and providing input into program and resource development.


Who is eligible?

Young people living with type 1 diabetes between the ages of 18-24 from NSW, ACT, QLD, or TAS with an interest in learning leadership skills and engaging with younger children living with type 1 diabetes.

You must have access to a computer and internet; and be available for up to 2 hours per week to participate in a 12 week online personal leadership program between April and December 2024 which involves self-paced coursework, and live individual coaching sessions and group workshops. You must have the ability and willingness to travel and attend at least one youth focussed event during the scholarship period.


How do I get involved?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete this online application form telling us why you would like to become a DiaBuddies Youth Leader. If you are under 18, you will need to have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. This will be emailed to you once participants have been selected.

This program has been made possible through the generous support of Future Generation Australia. To find out more about how over 15,000 shareholders are making a difference to the lives of young Australians by investing in Future Generation, visit futuregeninvest.com.au.


How could personal leadership benefit me in my life?

Personal leadership means taking positive control and responsibility of your life to direct yourself towards who you want to be, and how you want to live. It is YOU at YOUR best. It enables you to decide what success looks like to you, to set goals, to think and communicate positive messages, and to choose growth over security. Personal leadership equips you with the 21st century skills needed for the future, and the optimism and resilience to deal with whatever life throws your way. You will learn things to improve your personal relationships, understand how to increase wellbeing, and identify the best pathways for achieving your goals.


Is this program designed to support my mental health?

The 12-week online leadership training program delivered by Generation Thrive is underpinned by a range of positive psychology theories, designed to help build wellbeing, coping strategies and resilience. If during the program you require additional support services, the Generation Thrive coaches have a framework in place with which to support you and can refer you onto mental health experts.


What does my coach do?

In addition to your learning and reflecting on the online modules, you get your very own coach that will help you to make the most out of this program. Together you will look at your personal goals and tailor the approach to these. During the program, you will have four x 30-minute coaching sessions on Zoom or Teams. Your coach will be in contact to organise these sessions with you.


What does a self-paced program look like?

Self-paced means that you get to work through the modules at your own pace over the duration of the program. We recommend you spend three hours per week to work through each of the eight modules. This will allow you enough time to complete each module as well as some time to think and reflect on the content you are learning and practicing. As with most learning, the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.


How long does the leadership training take?

The training is run over 12 weeks, between April and September 2024 with a suggested minimum commitment of 2 hours per week.

In addition to the self-paced program, participants need to attend regular coaching sessions online with their dedicated coach.


What do I need to complete the program?

The leadership training program is delivered online, through Generation Thrive which means you will need stable and reliable internet and access to a laptop or tablet to complete the program.


Who do I contact for more information?

Please direct enquires to the DiaBuddies Project Lead at DiaBuddies@diabetesaustralia.com.au

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